Will Wright: Spore "more for casual players"

Sales the most important thing

EA design veteran Will Wright has conceded that Spore is an unashamed attempt at creating a mass market-bating title, the Sims mastermind stating in no uncertain terms that sales are far more important than review scores.

"We were very focused, if anything, on making a game for more casual players," Wright admitted to MTV.

"Spore has more depth than, let's say, The Sims did. But we looked at the Metacritic scores for Sims 2, which was around 90, and something like Half-Life, which was 97, and we decided - quite a while back - that we would rather have the Metacritic and sales of Sims 2 than the Metacritic and sales of Half-Life."

While reviews have so far been largely positive, a number of scores haven't been the top-marks that perhaps had been expected from Wright's latest opus.

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