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New US Xbox bundle, PC Halo gold

Microsoft-related activity

Plenty of activity in the USA surrounding Microsoft today, whilst Europe limbers up for X03 which kicks off in southern France tomorrow. Firstly, the PC version of Halo, developed for Redmond by Gearbox, has been confirmed by the publisher as officially gold. The completed game will out in stores, stateside at least, by September 30th.

Meanwhile, moving on to more topical issues, Microsoft also confirmed today a brand new Xbox bundle due out imminently in the USA, designed specifically for the forthcoming holiday season. The new bundle costs $179.99 and includes the console, two games, and a two-month Xbox Live trial.

The games in question appear to be Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Tetris Worlds Live. The new bundle is sure to pile the pressure on Sony who've been staunchly reluctant to cut prices as Microsoft have, especially with Christmas nearly upon us.

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