Public E3 could make a return

Rumours abound, ESA keep quiet

Word on the block this morning has it that a public-facing E3 expo could return to US shores in 2009 - after a break of two years during which what was formerly the world's biggest consumer and business games show became an industry-only bash; much lower-key, and pretty much disliked by everyone.

Kotaku are the source of the latest rumour, although US trade body the ESA won't offer any word on whether the show will indeed see the unwashed gaming masses returning as tittle-tattle suggests.

We're hopeful however, this being the second time we've caught wind of such chatter. This from the ESA's Rich Taylor: "Regarding today’s published reports, the ESA does not comment on rumors and speculation and will make an announcement about the details and logistics of the 2009 E3 Media & Business Summit at the appropriate time."

"Each element of the Summit is opened for discussion and that process is ongoing to execute a productive and efficient experience," he added.

More on E3 2009 as we get it.

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