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Rare wanted multiplayer in VP1

Lead designer talks online plans and more

Speaking to this site, Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise lead designer Justin Cook has revealed that his team wanted to include multiplayer functionality in the first game, but that such features were omitted.

Trouble in Paradise will include the option for budding gardeners to share their gardens, and even collaborate on building and maintaining to various degrees, which can be set by a garden's owner.

"We wanted to put online play into the game last time and for a variety of reasons that just didn't happen. This time you get the full experience - sharing your garden with friends (up to four of you together in one garden)," explained Cook.

"The owner gets to say what tools you can use (if he doesn't trust you, you only get to look around) and as you work together you gain experience and cash to use in your own garden."

More on this, the game's unique art style, the new creatures, the prospects for the series in general and more in the full interview.

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