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New Halo 3 map spied

Bungie reveal latest creation at PAX

A new Halo 3 map was revealed by Bungie at the Penny Arcade Expo over the weekend. The level was revealed stateside, and will be imaginatively titled Purple Reign.

The map was originally due out in April's Legendary Map Pack, and it is reportedly based on a Covenant Scarab factory.

The Assembly level is vast, 'multi-tiered' and roughly bowl shaped, although given the delays it is unsurprising that Bungie still can't tell us when the new stage will be available to play.

Bungie have in recent months admitted they will need to work hard in order to claw Halo 3 back to the top of the Xbox Live chart, Call of Duty 4 being the multiplayer title to beat presently.

More on Bungie's creations as we get it.

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