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Life with PlayStation will be free

But isn't ready quite yet...

The Life with PlayStation service has been pushed back by Sony, we learn this week, although at least the platform holder has confirmed that the new service will be available for free.

"We’re still pushing some paperwork on Life with PlayStation - so hold tight just a bit longer," Noam Rimon told the PS blog stateside.

He added: "We’re going to offer this as a free service that will be easily accessible directly from the XMB."

The new service will be cunningly linked with the PSN and the XMB interface, offering users a world of news, weather information and more, delivered via a detailed 3D global map.

"Imagine being able to wake up to your PS3 to see if you need to pack an umbrella for the day. Or just relax as you listen to your favourite tunes while reading up on top news from around the world," Rimon beams.

More soon.

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