BlizzCon returns this weekend

Warcraft movie to be discussed

This Friday marks the return of BlizzCon, Blizzard's annual celebration of their gaming community.

Highlights of the show include the StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Final and the World Of Warcraft Arena Invitational pro-gamer competitions as well as director Duncan Jones talking about the upcoming Warcraft movie.

There will be the usual developer sessions, cosplay events and other community events hosted by Jay Mohr. The whole show will be rounded out by a live performance from Blink 182. BlizzCon returns this weekend

Tickets for the event are sold out but there are plenty of BlizzCon Virtual Tickets giving fans access to over 60 hours of HD streamed coverage of the show as well as two weeks worth of catch-up viewing on

BlizzCon Virtual Ticket holders also get access to the downloadable swag including the Murkalot pet for World Of Warcraft, an as-yet-unrevealed Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft card, BlizzCon Mark Of Death Banner for Diablo III and Tearin' Stitches StarCraft II portrait and Stitches' Hook decal.

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