Steam Delayed

Only until tomorrow mind...

Valve's broadband content delivery masterplan has been put on hold for 24 hours whilst they put the finishing touches to their network.

The dedicated server software will be released tonight, however the final client software will not. Instead we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get our CS 1.6 fix.

The Steam website is currently taking a beating from thousand of gamers craving news on the latest client – begging the question if they can't deliver simple HTML content then how are they planning to cope with gigabytes of gaming content, even with many download partners? Time will tell.

Update: Valve frontman Doug Lombardi has confirmed the above in a press release -

We've been making final changes to the Steam network throughout the night. Unfortunately, it's taken longer than we planned. However, the Steam dedicated server will be released this evening, and the Steam client release is now scheduled for tomorrow.

We're working to get the release out as fast as we can -- sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience.

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