Yoshida wants free PS3 services

Non-subscription models being explored

Sony hope to offer their users lashings of free services for the PS3 and the PSP, says Worldwide Studios big wig Shuhei Yoshida.

Chatting with at last week's Leipzig gaming shindig, he revealed that this strategy stretches beyond just the PlayStation Network platform - which is free - unlike Microsoft's Xbox Live offering.

"We like to provide as many services as possible for free - we already provide our network access for gameplay for free - and the interesting thing about the network side and the internet business is that there’s a variety of revenue sources," he explained, suggesting that advertising models can be used to fund some services.

"Those are things we’re looking at, and learning how we can provide a service without people having to pay - but we still get our operation running with funding from somewhere so that we can maintain the level of quality we want."

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