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Spore add-ons won't be like The Sims - Wright

Strategy should be different

EA games evangelist Will Wright has been talking ahead of Spore's launch next month, telling GameInformer that the new sandbox title won't follow a similar expansion pack strategy to The Sims.

The Sims was of course followed by so many expansion packs, some good, some bad, that in the end we started using them as coasters. And as darts targets.

"I think it will be similar in extent but hopefully not the same strategy we took with The Sims," Wright offered.

"With The Sims, we were basically selling expansion packs to the same customers over and over. I think Spore lends itself more to horizontal expansion, where we take components of the game like levels or editors into totally different formats and hit people that maybe never even played the hardcore PC game, but would enjoy a lighter experience using one of the editors. Or, using the content in new ways outside of Spore the game."

More on Spore soon.