Half-Life gets Steamy this week

Find your Half-Life CD case time
Valve's broadband content delivery system, Steam, is reaching the end of its free beta test and readying itself for the onslaught of tens of thousands of Half-Life players getting their update fix.

The next release, on Wednesday all being well, will require you to convert your WON ID and CD Key into a Steam account and download the Steam software (if you don't already have it). This is of course assuming the servers can take the load. The sceptics are already suggesting that after the system died with only beta users signing up, that migrating the entire user base of the world's most played online games will cause greater headaches.

After all the fun of digging out your old Half Life CD is over we can then expect an update to the content on offer. This will include –

  • Three new Half-Life 2 videos
  • CS riot shield fixes
  • New version of Cobble for CS
  • Steam skinning
  • Better caching feedback
  • "Vastly" better use of diskspace and bandwidth
  • "Conversion Wizard" to make better use of cached local content
E3 Trailer