Eidos lose Sports Interactive

A parting of company

In what must surely be yet another downer for Eidos Interactive, Championship Manager developer Sports Interactive today revealed that they plan to develop one more title in the hit CM series before moving on to pastures new - without their traditional publishing partner. "If this were the music industry, we would be talking about a classic case of 'musical differences'," confirmed MD Miles Jacobson.

Of course, we've got a CM4 update to look forward to first - in the shape of an 03/04 edition, due later this year. Eidos will of course be pleased that after the parting they will retain the Championship Manager brand (which they plan to continue the development of in-house), whilst Sports Interactive will keep all the cunning technologies and databases that the made the game so fab. Eidos have already confirmed plans for a new version of the game in 2004/5, whilst SI vow to announce a new footie project early in 2004.

It will be interesting to see who SI's new publishing partner will be, given that their proven commercial success will surely be a draw to publishers much larger than Eidos.

Update: Although Eidos announced their first quarterly profit in ages, the news of Sports Interactive's departure from the company fold - along with the Timesplitters series, will not warm shareholders hearts. The firm today confirmed that it recently turned down the chance to publish TimeSplitters 3 on behalf of Free Radical, who'll now no doubt be taking their wares elsewhere. Are a spate of new potential hits from Eidos about to be revealed, or is a downward spiral to blame?

At least they've still got Hitman... for now.

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