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Piracy is PC "hidden benefit" - Hollenshead

"Trading content [...] is an expected benefit of owning a computer"

Speaking to GI.biz today id Software CEO Tood Hollenshead has said that PC manufacturers view free pirated content has a "hidden benefit that you get when you buy a PC".

"I think that if you went in and could see what's going on in their minds, though they may never say that stuff and I'm not saying there's some conspiracy or something like that." he continued, "But I think the thing is they realise that trading content, copyrighted or not, is an expected benefit of owning a computer."

Such talk is possibly a little harsh on PC manufacturers, however perhaps the marketing of PCs as educational products when actually they are often just used for games makes his point. It is also unclear as to what Hollenshead wants hardware vendors to do about the problem. Hardware based DRM?

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