Rockstar details Independence Day event weekend for GTA Online

Event runs from today until July 6th

Rockstar has announced details of the Independence Day weekend event that they will be holding for GTA Online this weekend.

Between July 3rd and July 6th GTA Online players will get double GTA$ and double RP for every brand new jobs they play in the Independence Day weekend playlist. There's also 75 percent off airstikes, free Pegasus deliveries for easy access to the new Liberator Monster Truck and 25 percent off heavy ammo.

There's also a Snapmatic contest for the most creative shots tagged with #IndependenceDay. The top five images will win 1 million GTA$ and a custom license plat saying “AMERICA”. There's also a sweepstake for players to enter with the chance to win one of five Rockstar Prize Packs which include a GTA IV baseball bat, a GTA IV patriotic cups, a GTA IV foam finger, a GTA IV Statue Of Happiness, a GTA V Los Santos lifeguard t-shirt and a Vice City Beachball. Rockstar details Independence Day event weekend for GTA Online

The final special event for the weekend is a Twitch stream that will run this afternoon of the America Vs Great Britain The Rematch battle between Rockstar New York and Rockstar UK.

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