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Sony also reveals the PlayStation Vita TV

Will support video services and PS4 Remote Play

As well as unveiling a brand new version of the PS Vita they will also be launching a device to let you play your Vita games through your TV.

The new device is s amall box housing the PS Vita's ARM cortex A9 processor, USB, HDMI and LAN ports and slots for the Vita cartridges and the Vita memory cards.

It will arrive with a DualShock 3 paired with it via Bluetooth and an 8GB memory card as well.

As well as supporting added support for video services like Hulu the Vita TV is fully compatible with the PS4 remote play functionality making it an interesting device indeed.

It is to launch in Japan on November the 14th at 14,994 YEN (approximately 63 GBP)but no announcements have been made regarding any possibility Western launch.

Thanks Eurogamer.