NVIDIA in with PS3 shot

Speculation has it...

An interesting report on CNN money today, conjectures over the possibility of an NVIDIA graphics unit being used in the forthcoming PS3 console; after it was revealed recently that ATI will be providing the graphical processing capabilities to both the next Xbox and GameCube consoles. Indeed, the interest from NVIDIA is undersatandably strong, given that much of their current growth is based upon the growing success of the Xbox - in which their graphics hardware is the most expensive component.

Sony might not be so keen however, given their track record of keeping hardware design in-house, then getting an external company (Fujitsu in the case of the PS2) to manufacture the technology. They might however be pursuaded by the lacklustre hardware capabilities of the PS2 versus their rivals to have something of a rethink; and if they did decide to go ahead with an external company - NVIDIA would surely be in a position ot capatilise.

"The reality is nVidia is not sitting in a vacuum," Erach Desai, an analyst with American Technology Research, told CNN. "They are in discussions with Sony for the PS3". "They realize, I think, that they cannot do it all," Desai continued. "I have checked with a couple of very seasoned executives ... and the strong impression is that there is interest from Sony and interest from nVidia."

Michael McConnell of Pacific Crest Securities told CNN he believed such a move by Sony was still unlikely, however: "I would probably characterize it as a less than 50 percent chance that they win PS3," he said. "However, we have talked with Sony and their take on it is they're considering an external vendor as well as an internal solution. So you can't rule it out, but you definitely can't say it's a sure thing."

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