NFS Undercover detailed

"Heroic Driving Engine"

EA has announced further details of the latest game in it's Need for Speed series. Need for Speed Undercover will feature the strangely named "Heroic Driving Engine" which purports to allow high-performance "moves" at 180mph.

"Need for Speed Undercover puts you at the center of a big-budget Hollywood movie with all of the drama, action and dazzling chase scenes, right on your gaming console. The unique Heroic Driving Engine will give you ultimate control over the hottest cars and push you to use every ounce of skill to outrun the law and take down criminal adversaries," said Executive Producer Bill Harrison, who evidently needs no more speed.

The title promises 80 miles of roads in a rich environment which includes a highway system for high speed cop evasion. The plot will involve the gamer going undercover to take down an international crime syndicate. Licensed cars include models from Lexus, BMW, Audi and Skoda (we made the last one up). All good then.

E3 Trailer