I Am Alive could be new Ubi series

Corre reveals series hopes

Darkworks boss Alain Corre has once again been talking up I Am Alive, the new survival-horror title being crafted alongside Ubisoft.

While the game may or may not be shown in more detail at Games Convention this week, the executive is already talking up the possibility of sequels to the new title. Clearly, Ubisoft have designs towards launching a major new series.

"Yes [we are considering sequels]. Clearly, when we are creating a franchise, it’s a long-term process. We want to keep it and have more iterations, because it’s a big investment at the beginning to launch it," Corre told MCV.

"So it’s better when you can advertise and bet on a few franchises in the years to come. We hope it can be another strong franchise for our portfolio, alongside Prince Of Persia or Rayman Rabbids. It’s a new baby for us – and we have big hopes."

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