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Dyack lambasts Epic

Blames Unreal Engine for Too Human delays

A day ahead of Too Human's launch in America, Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has attacked Epic Games, accusing the engine maker of "defrauding" a large chunk of the games industry.

The veteran game maker believes Epic made false claims when promoting their popular Unreal Engine 3 technology, and this claim is at the centre of a lawsuit between Silicon Knights and Epic.

Dyack believes Too Human took so long because the Unreal Engine was not up to the standards Epic claimed it was.

"We had to re-write the engine because of all the Epic stuff," Dyack said, speaking to Develop.

"The trial is proceeding; we feel really good about our claims, and we're hopeful that justice will be done. We all feel really strongly that they have defrauded us, and a major portion of the industry."

For their part, Epic believe they did everything possible to help Silicon Knights, and launched a counter-case alleging the developer shared their code with unauthorised third-parties.

More on this case as we get it.

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