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Would you have bought a PS4 without an hard drive? Sony considered it

Mark Cerny successfully lobbied for its inclusion though

Sony's Andrew House has revealed that they had considered releasing the PS4 without a hard drive but system architect Mark Cerny advocated against it.

House explained that they eventually decided that a hard drive was necessary to give developers a platform to create the kind of level experiences that Sony was aiming for with the new console.

"The reason [having a hard drive or not] was such a large decision because it's not just for launch but in it for the cycle," House began. "It has massive implications for the business model over a long period of years. What was great was Mark [Cerny] advocated in a very succinct, natural way about what this would mean for developers and, by extension, the user experience.” Would you have bought a PS4 without an hard drive? Sony considered it

Cerny added an example, "Watch Dogs is a title that needed 15GB cached on a very fast medium like a hard drive for the level the creators wanted it to be. We couldn't say the hard drive works for people but not everyone. We ultimately we had to make that decision."

House went on, "The growth of mobile has allowed for a whole new outlet of talent with smaller teams and still great game creation. If you couple that with we're starting to get to point with our own digital distribution network and a scalable network of players, with whom we could then treat as an audience who could connect with independent developers. We debated it, but it came extremely clear to me – financial issues aside – that we had to be striving for a certain level of experience that was going to get people [to] embrace a brand new platform."

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