Rockstar chief likes being hated

Houser talks Daily Mail bile

Sam Houser, boss of GTA creators Rockstar, says he loves being hated by right-wing media such as the UK's Daily Mail.

The big cheese told Develop magazine: "Most of the people who hate us are people it is truly an honour to be hated by – reactionary creeps with strange agendas – and the Daily Mail," he mused.

"Most people who know about modern pop culture know about GTA and like or dislike it on its own merits."

He continued: "I think we are both depressed at how boring we really are and how unexciting even the worse fabrications and exaggerations are when you read about them. None of it seems very rock and roll, so we find it a little sad, when there are probably better stories that could be written about both us and the industry/medium.

"No sharks, groupies or pounds of coke or anything fun at all. We read like angry dorks, which might be true, but is certainly not very exciting."

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