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Too Human could be 80 hours long

If you reach for level 50

Speaking to the recently redesigned this week, outspoken Too Human designer Denis Dyack, boss of game makers Silicon Knights, has said that Too Human could last anything up to 80 hours.

While a blaze straight through the singleplayer story is only likely to set you back 15 hours or so, reaching level 50 in the action-RPG will take a lot longer - 50 to 80 hours according to the designer.

"To get to level fifty, it’s anywhere from fifty to eighty hours. It’s a lot! There’s a lot there to want to dig! And to get all the epic loot - I don’t even know if it’s possible to get everything in the game, it’s probably not - not for a single person," he told Kikizo.

Too Human hits the Xbox 360 exclusively later this month. We'll have an interview with Denis at the same time.

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