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Crackdown 2 possible, says Realtime

Developer would like it to happen

Sandbox action title Crackdown could spawn a sequel, developer Realtime Worlds have revealed, speaking to bloggers VG247.

The future-based crime-fighting game was an Xbox 360 hit, and studio chief Colin Macdonald admits his team regret not moving onto a sequel.

"It was a horrible, horrible decision that we still dwell on," he notes, before adding, hopefully: "But I don’t think the door’s closed. Obviously, right now we’re tied up with APB and everything else, but hopefully in the future we’ll have the resource and something can be worked out with Microsoft."

"We would have loved to have seen it. We poured five years of our lives into that game. You know, we’ve got guys on the development team that have Crackdown tattoos, permanent tattoos on their arms. We’re extremely passionate about it," Macdonald said on the prospect of a second game.

More on Crackdown 2 one day, then.

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