Amplitude development moving onto the core game experience

Harmonix reveals that the game is moving into development phase two

Harmonix has given an update on the state of play of development on their Kickstarter-funded revival of Amplitude.

The game's development lead DeVron posted a new update on the Amplitude Kickstarter blog stating that the game has moved into phase two development which focuses on the core game experience.

DeVron wrote, “Our crew has been crushing their dev tasks over the past few weeks. We’re currently wrapping up Phase 1, which is dedicated to Engine & Tool Development. The work completed during this phase will get Amplitude’s core game up and running in our new engine. We are feeling pretty good about our current pace and will be moving on to Phase 2 very soon. We’ll provide a new update when we reach Phase 2 and will detail what that phase will cover.” Amplitude development moving onto the core game experience

Amplitude is aiming for release some time in 2015 on PS4 and PS3. 

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