New Halo spin-off in the works at 343 Industries

New job ad points to a "new project line in the Halo universe"

Halo developer 343 Industries is apparently working on a new spin-off for their hallowed franchise.

A new job posting on the Microsoft careers website is advertising for a senior producer on the publishing side to oversee the development of “a new project line in the Halo universe”. Other than that line though, there's no clue as to what form this new spin-off will take.

It won't be the first time that Halo has received a spin-off. Halo 3: ODST allowed players to play as a normal trooper during the Covenant invasion of Earth and Halo: Reach told the story of a legendary team of Spartans that saved the population of the planet Reach almost single-handedly. New Halo spin-off in the works at 343 Industries

Then Halo Wars put an RTS spin on the Halo series and, more recently Halo: Spartan Assault brought Halo to Windows Phones and Tablets in top-down shooter form.

343 Industries has made it no secret that they have a desire to flesh out the Halo series as much as possible with games, comics, novels, TV and film along with toys and other merchandise so that Halo fans can completely immerse themselves in the lore of the universe.

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