Killer Is Dead's gigolo missions insisted on by publisher says Suda51

Gigolo missions were originally non-erotic and intended for inclusion in Shadows Of The Damned

Grasshopper Manufacture founder Suda51 has been speaking about the controversial gigolo missions from their most recent release, Killer Is Dead.

The gigolo missions saw players trying to bribe women into bed with gifts and they drew ire from the more enlightened members of the gaming community. Suda51 explained that the missions were originally dropped from their Shinji Mikami collaboration Shadows Of The Danmed in a non-erotic but were revived for Killer Is Dead at the behest of publisher Kadokawa Shoten.

“Those missions were actually supposed to be part of [2011 title] Shadows of the Damned. The original concept was you were supposed to give flowers. It was more of a non-erotic mission,” Suda51 began. “Then I got a request from the Japanese publisher saying, 'We're going to sell this game in Japan. We need more scandalous stuff.' I wanted the mode to be a little bit cleaner, but it came from the top down that I had to add that in there. They're an erotic publisher. I wanted a more elegant 'gigolo mode'. I wanted to tone it down a little bit, but I'm pretty satisfied with what I came up with.” Killer Is Dead's gigolo missions insisted on by publisher says Suda51

The Japanese game design luminary explained that he tried to dampen down the feeling that the game objectifies women in these sections.

“This is a conversation I had with the Japanese publisher. Basically, if we'd made it too easy it would make it like you're buying stuff and getting girls, so I made it so you're not able to get the girl all the time. Also, when you mess up, the girl slaps you,” he added. “So I didn't make it as easy as I could have. There's a degree of difficulty in this, which kind of shows in the game that women are strong. So they don't look like an object that's easy. People who just saw the visuals might think that women are treated like objects, but if people play it, I don't believe that that would be the same feedback.”

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