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No Okami sequel yet

Bigger sales needed

Despite rave reviews for both the PS2 original and the Wii-based port which followed, the critically adored Okami is not guaranteed a sequel, Capcom this week confirm.

The Japanese publisher have this week told fans in no uncertain terms that the title will have to sell more copies before the a new title can be commissioned by the game maker.

"I think we need a lot more people buying the current version before we seriously consider a sequel," admitted VP of strategic planning Christian Svensson, talking on the firm's official forums. Svensson wouldn't be drawn on sales to-date, either: "Alas, unless our investor relations team gives out the numbers, I can't do so. And in both cases (Okami and Wii adventure Zack and Wiki), they haven't."

The executive also admitted that Okami hadn't got the retail exposure its high review scores perhaps deserved, those commenting noting that it is sometimes hard to find a copy in shops.

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