MachineGames already knows what they'd do with a Wolfenstein: The New Order sequel

The certainly deserve the chance to make it

MachineGames has stated that they already know what they'd do as a sequel to their excellent Wolfenstein reboot, Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Part of what made The New Order so special is the fact that the Swedish studio had such a clear vision of what they wanted to do with the game and were given the space to bring that vision to life. They also know exactly what they'd want to do with a sequel.

Jens Matties, creative director at MachineGames said, "We would love to do a sequel. We have a very, very clear idea of what we accomplished with this game, and what we want to accomplish with a sequel." MachineGames already knows what they'd do with a Wolfenstein: The New Order sequel

Reflecting back Matties also commented on the lessons that they learned from the development of Wolfenstein: The New Order and how they'd improve things next time out.

"I wouldn't say there was...I wish there was one big lesson. It's more like 500 smaller ones,” Matties explained. “This is kind of an abstract, but because these projects are so long in terms of development-this was three-and-a-half years for this game-and given how long it takes to make a game these days, this kind of game, and whenever you design in terms of preproduction, what becomes the plan for all of those years, has to be a flawlessly polished diamond.”

He added, "I think we were able to polish that diamond a lot more than we have ever been able to in the past, but we still have new ideas for how we can polish it even further."

Thanks Giant Bomb.

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