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Animal Crossing, Wii Speak revealed

City folk with community mic

At the their press shindig at E3 today Nintendo announced Animal Crossing: City Folk and a Wii Speak microphone product.

Animal Crossing was highly anticipated to be produced for the Wii audience since the console's release due to the internet connectivity afforded by a next-gen system.

The Wii Speak "community microphone" sits atop your receiver bar and allows conversation inside Animal Crossing amongst nearby players. The demonstration saw a group of avatars in Animal Crossing having a fishing competition nattering between themselves via Wii Speak. We'll have to see how this works in a real life environment, but it would be safe to say we'll probably see more games using this peripheral.

As with previous incarnations Animal Crossing will work in real-time, with a 24 hour clock, but with a new emphasis on communication - writing letters and community messageboard posts was demonstrated. The game promises complete freedom, with no goals to complete.

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