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Nintendo announce Wii Sports Resort

Beach-based sport fun coming spring 2009

Following on from the Tetris-on-GameBoy-like bundling of the popular Wii Sports game Nintendo have today announced the sequel: Wii Sports Resort.

This beach located title introduces new games taking advantage of the Wii Motion Plus addon such as frisby, jetski and sword dueling. This addon will be sold separately and also bundled with the game.

The game was demonstrated at the Nintendo press briefing at Mann's Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles where the congregated media was treated to Reggie Fils-Aime showing off the jetski game and Cammie Dunaway playing frisbee with a cute virtual dog, before both the execs settled an argument with a frantic sword fight.

The frisbee demonstration impressed the most, possibly because of it's innovate gameplay, where the wrist twisting action measured by the Wii Motion Plus and the swing action determines how far you fling the plastic disk. The Ninty styled dog then adoringly retrieves the frisbee, catching it in the air if you get the throw good enough.

The jetski game used the wrist twisting as the throttle, and featured a sea with swelling waves and gates to negotiate. The sword game appeared to be very similar to the current Wii Sports boxing mode, with attacking and defense moves deployed to thwart the opponent. We would expect, as with the regular Wii Sports, more fun is to be had with the multiplayer than singleplayer.

Bring on next year then huh?

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