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Miyamoto confirms Wii Music

Out this year...

Shigeru Miyamoto took to the stage playing a saxophone via the Wiimote at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood today.

Wii Music will be out in time for Christmas on the Wii; and looks to be another success story in the making, from the team behind Wii Play and Wii Fit.

The new game will allow you to play some 50 instruments using the eponymous Wiimote, and a special mode will also support the Balance Board, allowing you to use that controller as pedals during drumming.

There won't be a rhythm-action element, and you won't need to be able to play the instruments in question; instead you simply 'play' the Wiimote at a pace of your choosing, the game improvising tunes as you.

During an impressive demo, Miyamoto was joined on stage by three other players, jamming together as a band. Cutesy visuals abound, of course, and we're told you'll also be able to record music videos as you go.

Directing the orchestra will be possible, and there will be note-matching games too.

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