Phantom further revealed

New video released

Infinium Labs mysterious console - The Phantom - stepped further into the public eye over the weekend, as it was confirmed on Friday that the fledgling manufacturer Infinium Labs would launch a preview video of the device last night: which they did.

The video was created by 2Advanced Studio and promoted by Gigex, who'll lend their considerable promotional and distributional weight behind the console's unveiling.

Having watched the video I can also report that the Phantom is more than a little ambitious - claiming to be the most powerful system available, with the largest catalogue of titles, and offering multiplayer support and games on a pay-per-play basis.

The new console will contain an Intel 3ghz CPU, an NVIDIA graphics card, over 100gb of hard-drive space (some of which will no doubt be taken up by the pre-loaded games we're promised), 256mb of RAM, networking/wireless network capabilities, and no CD/DVD drive. We're talking broadband only here folks.

Gamers will have the option of trialing games before purchasing them online, renting games, and a full online service (chat, email, news, multiplayer, contests, etc) will comes as part of the custom-built interface, based on Windows XP Embedded. The system will also be fully upgradeable.

Indeed, perhaps the biggest issue now confronting the Phantom is its pricing, given that what we're talking about is basically a high-end PC with a content delivery system bolted-on. It may be on this front that it will either thrive or fail.

We urge you to watch this video, also available at, for further details on this interesting machine.

Update: We've a little more information now, taken from a Gigex interview. The system will apparently cost less than $399 to purchase, with subscription to the VPGN weighing in at around $9.95 per month. The system is set to launch in the first-quarter of 2004, with titles and other specifics being confirmed at this year's COMDEX (November 17-20, Las Vegas).

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