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Microsoft consider "3D games"

But isn't keen on head-wear

No, we don't mean polygons (everyone uses them), rather 3D in the visual sense; coloured-glasses, eye-trickery, and fraudulent depth effects. Ubisoft are already doing it in Avatar... but Microsoft haven't decided yet.

XNA boss Chris Satchell told that this emerging area is "extremely interesting", but shied away from Microsoft creating their own "3D games" anytime soon.

"This is a very interesting area of graphics technology," he enthused. "We have done experiments with this at Microsoft and the results are extremely interesting. However, the current systems that work well require wearing active shutter glasses and I think it is hard to be mainstream with asking people to wear headgear to play games."

So, when the headgear goes MS might be more interested. We'll keep you posted.

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