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GTA IV set for PC?

Surely not..?

Have a couple of enterprising website people tricked Rockstar into confirmed that a PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV is on the way? It seems unlikely, but certainly makes for an amusing read.

Basically, Rockstar technical support were emailed with a query related to a technical fault in the PC version of GTA IV. Yes, that's the PC version that the publisher haven't even announced yet.

A fictitious problem related to surround sound elicited the following response from the poor techie in question: "The PC version of GTA IV has not even been announced for release and is still in development so is not about to be released on a website we have no knowledge of."

Would a technical support rep know the game is in development? Who knows, but the website in question cites the rep further: "We are unsure when the PC version of the game will be released as we are only technical support and do not receive information on the matter. I would suggest keeping an eye on www.rockstargames.com for any information."

More on this nonsense as we get it.

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