Watch Dogs first major patch hitting all platforms soon

PS4 and PS3 versions already patched

Ubisoft is beginning to roll out their first major patch for Watch Dogs on all platforms.

The patch includes fixes for the common 90 percent loading error that affected corrupted savegames and an error that prevents players from using hacks in the game. The game will now attempt to revive corrupted saves but they not that some may be irretrievably damaged.

Several mission-breaking bugs have also been repaired along with some minor mission and item related issues and a problem that causes the weapon wheel to appear empty. Multiplayer respawn issues have been tackled along with some problems that players were having with connection and joining sessions. Watch Dogs first major patch hitting all platforms soon

This patch is already out for the PS4 and PS3 versions of Watch Dogs. The PC version will be the next to release, when it's ready followed by the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions.

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