Bungie details Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content

It's a map,a mission and some gear and ships

Bungie has detailed what extras PS3 and PS4 gamers will be getting when Destiny drops this September.

The sum total of the extra content is one PvP multiplayer map, one new strike mission and a few extra ships, guns and armour.

Exodus Blue is the extra PvP map. It's set on a once-magnificent starship which is now derelict and drifting in the solar system. The Dust Palace Strike sends players to track a Cabal extraction team through the ruins of a dusty skyskraper on Mars.

Players will also encounter a new enemy in the Psionic Flayers. Gear-wise players will get their hands on the Monte Carlo assault rifle and the Hawkmoon handcannon. Warlocks will get the new Manifold Seeker armour, Titans get the Vanir armour and the Argus armour will be gifted to the Hunters.

There are three new ships as well – the Aurora Wake has been crafted specifically for Warlocks with a host of mystical instrumentation, Titans get the Crypt Hammer a tough ship build for deep insertion and Hunters will get the Outrageous Fortune, a rugged and versatile ship built for exploration ideal for seeking out fortune and glory.

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