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Slippage central and some Half-Life 2 videos

More delays than British Rail? Almost

Well, it looks like Half-Life 2 may indeed have slipped to a Christmas release date, as was feared in yesterdays reports. We suspect this to be the case, as no announcement has emerged from Valve officially contradicting Vivendi's suggestion that September 30th was no longer on the cards. What's more, Valve released a new video from the game using Steam yesterday: Tunnels.

The video is rather good actually, and amply demonstrates why we've been waiting so impatiently for this sequel. Shame it looks next to certain we're going to have to wait a little longer, though.

Elsewhere, Novalogic also confirmed a little slippage of their own - revealing that Joint Operations will no longer be out this autumn, and that the beginning of 2004 is now more likely for their war-themed multiplayer outing.

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