Lara kisses Core goodbye

Lara seeks fortune in the USA

Despite the ongoing sales success of Lara's latest outing: The Angel of Darkness, the game received a critical mauling and may have left many fans disappointed. What's more, the latest movie starring Angelina Jolie has bombed in it's first weekend and has also got its arse kicked by the critics. Time for a change then, according to an Eidos trading statement, who today confirmed that legendary developer Core Design will no longer be in charge of developing games based on the Lara Croft brand they themselves created. Now that's gratitude for you.

Instead, Eidos have confirmed that the next instalment in the series will be developed by US-based Crystal Dynamics, while Eidos 're-evaluate' Core's position; demonstrating clearly that they've lost faith in the UK developer, which was until recently controlled by Eidos/Core board member Jeremy Heath-Smith. Perhaps Jeremy saw what was coming. This article discusses this development in further detail, on this sad day for both Core and the marketing man's favourite; Lara Croft.

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