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New adventure game aping Oblivion?

Limbo of the Lost under fire

Judging by the images you can see here, new adventure title Limbo of the Lost looks more than a little like Bethesda's ground-breaking RPG Oblivion.

Indeed, the similarities are reportedly so striking that Bethesda's legal team are said to be looking into the new adventure game.

Limbo of the Lost publisher TriSynergy are clearly ruffled by the accusations hitting their title en masse, too, the company stating they had no idea about the similarities, and had they known about them the game would never have been released. A full statement is expected soon.

Developer Majestic, meanwhile, have yet to respond to suggestions they may have taken assets from Bethesda's RPG.

More as we get it.

Update: Limbo of the Lost has now been pulled from on and off-line retailers by TriSynergy, the developer has yet to respond.

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