Turbine crafting console release

Funding used for console offering

Lord of the Rings Online creators Turbine are reportedly hard at work on a new console game, we learn today.

Time Warner, alongside other investors, recently pumped 40 million USD into the game maker, and we're told it'll be used in part to fund a title for consoles.

"The people that invested in us, Time Warner, one of the media giants getting into the MMO fold - that's obviously a big deal," said Turbine's Adam Mersky, talking to Kotaku.

Turbine add that the "huge distribution network" of Time Warner may be helpful in the future.

Turbine have hired some 60 developers since the beginning of 2008, with 40 positions still up for grabs.

D&D Online and LoTR Online will continue to grow, while the developer also eye other markets, such as China.

More from Turbine as we get it.

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