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Quakecon gets Doom 3

Acti confirm showing

Id Software's publisher Activision today confirmed that lucky attendees of Quakecon 2003 will get the opportunity to play deathmatch Doom 3 at the show. Deathmatchers will be able to compete against one another on the new game for the first time, at id and Activision's booth. The event, perhaps the most famous and respected multiplayer showcase in the world, will be held on id's home turf of Dallas at the Adam's Mark Hotel from Aug the 14th to the 17th.

"What better way to celebrate QuakeCon than to unveil to our fans a preview of DOOM 3 multiplayer," gushed id CEO Todd Hollenshead. "While everyone knows that DOOM 3 is the most terrifying and scary single player experience ever created, multiplayer delivers the intense competitive action that our fans can count on. It's a natural to debut the DOOM 3 multiplayer experience at QuakeCon, the world's preeminent fan-based multiplayer gaming event." We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Excited fans will get the chance to play in competitions of four players, on a specially designed level created by id Software and the UK's Splash Damage Ltd, who helped develop Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and will be co-developing Doom 3's multiplayer levels. Doom 3 is due out in early 2004, we believe.

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