Crytek go multi-platform

Warhead is last PC exclusive

It appears that those rumours about Crysis disappointing as a PC exclusive from a sales perspective could be true, developer Crytek mooting a multi-platform future.

Stand-alone title Crysis Warhead will apparently be the developer's last PC-only title, business manager Harald Seeley explaining the situation to Next-Gen.

"When Cevat (Cevat Yerli, boss of Crytek) said we would not create new PC exclusives, he was referring to any new projects we will start in the future," offered Seeley. "Of course Warhead has been under development for quite some time, and we had no desire or intention to disappoint our loyal PC fans.

"So, after some careful consideration, we decided to continue our support for the PC Crysis franchise with this release. But yes, all new franchises we develop in the future will be created with a cross platform strategy in mind.

"Of course we’re also aware of the danger of making a game that is only designed for one particular audience and platform, and failing to meet the needs of the others. So any game we create will always offer something unique on each platform and will be carefully tuned to both the capabilities and strengths of that platform, as well as the intended audience."

Another nail in the coffin of PC gaming. What say you?

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