E3 2014: Capybara Games' Below brings roguelike twist to Xbox One and Steam

Below challenges players through multiple lifetimes

Below takes place on an island, and beneath this island is a deep labyrinth which is where the core of the gameplay takes place. The player comes onto the island with no idea of how they got there or what to do.

Like Rogue Legacy, Below features permadeath. Each iteration of the player character has but one hit point and once they are hit, they are dead forever. After each death, the journey begins anew. However, any progress made by previous characters remains.

To project the atmosphere of how fragile the character is, and the largeness of the environment around him, Capybara has made the player-character small and uses tilt-shift photography to give the impression they desire.

Below's release date has not been set, but it will be a Xbox One exclusive for a limited time.

E3 Trailer