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British publisher reviving Sega classics

In boxes, and everything

British gaming start-up Avanquest have announced a fresh deal with Sega that will see ancient hits re-released on the PC.

Phantasy Star Universe, Virtual Tennis, Sega Rally and Medieval 2: Total War are on their way to stores under budget-label pricing, and will be sold at major UK retailers such as Tesco, Play.com, GAME, PC World, Amazon, et al.

"We are delighted to extend our agreement with Avanquest Software, who has shown with their excellent sales efforts, how strong Sega’s properties are beyond the full price and new release business. We look forward to working closely with them for the foreseeable future," beamed Sega's Carl Johns, announcing the deal.

Which hit title (from any publisher) would you like to see brought back to stores? Westwood's Blade Runner gets my vote.

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