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Doom 3 slippage among new Activision dates

Conference calling

Activision held a conference call to the stockmarket today, and made a few announcements on the release dates front. Most notable is an apparent slippage of Doom 3, which the giant US publisher are now slating for Q1 2004. Activision were however keen to point out that the developer id Software, would have the final word on any release date.

Another FPS, Grey Matter's Trinity (not related to an ancient id project of the same name), will now be released in 2005, and True Crime has now slipped until later this year.

No other major changes on the release date front, but a few new titles have come to light, including Tenchu on the Xbox early next year, as well as Shrek 2, Shark Slayer and MTX Mototrax. Other biggies mentioned include Quake 4 and Rome: Total War (both Q2 2004).

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