Resi 5 co-op, cover system hinted

Takeuchi discusses new horror escapade

Speaking at Capcom's Las Vegas press shindig last week, Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeunchi has refused to be drawn on whether the new RE will include drop-in online co-op and an advanced cover system, despite a withdrawn press release to that effect.

Chatting about the new survival horror title at Captivate 08, he refused to talk about these two killer features, urging the gaming press to be patient and wait for E3 in July.

Apparently, the game is 60% compete, Takeuchi-san lifting the lid on a new female companion, a mysterious lass with an English accent, who'll be aiding Redfield on his adventure. She's something of an enigma for now, it would seem, Capcom declining to reveal her name at this time.

The game promises to include similar controls to Resident Evil 4, but with the promise of one "major difference".

RE5 is due out on PS3 and Xbox 360, prior to April 2009.

E3 Trailer