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The Order: 1886 gets a release date

Collector's and premium editions detailed

Sony has announced a release date for Ready At Dawn's first home console effort, The Order: 1886.

The steampunk-themed monster is also getting a rather elegant-looking collector's edition and a premium edition to boot. Both editions include a resin model of Galahad, the game's main character. The collector's edition model shows Galahad in cover and the premium has him doing battle with a fierce Elder Lycan.

They both also include stickers, Knight's DLC pre-order bonus, the official soundtrack and behind-the-scenes footage as well as the now-mandatory steelbook case for the game. The premium edition also features an art book with a hidden compartments and Blackwater Vial on a chain. The Order: 1886 gets a release date

The Order: 1886 will arrive on the PS4 on February the 20th world wide.

Thanks TheSixthAxis.

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