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GOG reveals GOG Galaxy a new vision for gaming

GOG launching a new way to play and buy games online

GOG has revealed their own brand new online gaming platform GOG Galaxy.

The new platform is built around three pillars – freedom of choice, optional client and cross-play. GOG has always been about removing restrictions from gamers and their philosophy extends to the new platform. With GOG Galaxy players will not be forced to play online if the game doesn't require it. There will be no more online activation.  It will not force players to download the client but the new client will offer useful things like auto-updates if players decide to use it.

Most interestingly GOG Galaxy will offer cross-play multiplayer.Galaxy promises to be able to connect players regardless of where they bought their game. This means that it will allow players to play multiplayer with their friends on Steam and other platforms without needing to log in to Steam. GOG reveals GOG Galaxy a new vision for gaming

The first game to take advantage of this will be the new The Witcher Adventure Game, coming to PC and Mac later this year. Right now they're using it to test the cross-play features of GOG Galaxy between GOG and Steam for now. Beta keys will be given away for Steam by CD Projekt RED through social platforms and GOG Galaxy keys can be secured by registering on GOG.com.

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