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Dead Rising 3 is coming to the PC

Capcom showing off the PC version at E3

Capcom has announced that they will be bringing the Xbox One exclusive zombie sandbox slasher Dead Rising 3 to the PC.

They will be showing off the PC version of Dead Rising 3 at E3 next week so thsy haven't given many details on it for definite although it will be a great opportunity to try out the new Xbox One controller PC drivers that launched today.

There's no release date as yet for Dead Rising 3 on the PC but it will be added to Capcom's growing library of titles available on the PC via Steam. Dead Rising 3 is coming to the PC

Given that Dead Rising 3 runs at 720p on the Xbox One it will be a good opportunity to see how the game looks running at 1080p as long as your PC can handle it.

Thanks Joystiq.

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