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Tron, Republic, Doom 3 and Transformers

Round-up time

What do all these various factions active in the gaming world have in common? Let me tell you, they all feature in this round-up of the days not-so-massive events. First things first, no one will be surprised to hear that Elixir Studios long-awaited political strategy thing Republic: The Revolution has been delayed once again, and that September 3rd is now being quoted by those in the know.

Indeed, if I didn't think better of it I'd believe that someone had it in for Eidos and their array of terminally delayed blockbusters which never seem to be quit out. Never mind, at least we should be able to place some faith in the capable hands of ex-Bullfrog Theme Park mastermind Demis Hassabis who is leading the project.

In other news, Gamespy's Doom 3 fan site appear to have got their hands on some minimum specifications for the game, having been graced with a reply by none other than John Carmack himself.

Surprisingly, the bare minimum requirements aren't too wincingly awful, though quite what performance you'd enjoy at this level remains to be seen: a 1ghz CPU, 256mb RAM, and a GeForce 1/Radeon 7 series graphics card. Now that wasn't too bad, was it?

Elsewhere in the States today, proud publisher Buena Vista confirmed that Monolith's take on the Disney cult classic Tron has gone gold. Tron 2.0 picks up the saga twenty years after the movie, and features all-manner of neon lit action. US gamers can get their paws on this certain hit from August 26th we're told. Hopefully a European date will be in hot pursuit, too.

Finally, Atari announced a new Transformers games out of the blue today, which will be heading to the PS2 at the end of 2003. Transformers Armada: Prelude to Energon (catchy) is a third-person action/adventure game based on the hit 80s cartoon which we all loved many moons ago. Naturally, being able to undertake all manner of action-packed escapades as a Transformer is presumably the game's highlight.

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